The record-breaking 7th season

Last Friday, we closed the truly magical 7th season with the last Open kitchen of 2019. It was a year of exceeding expectations, breaking records and getting a lot of world media attention.

With 29 events in the capital, we exceeded the maximum number of Open kitchens in Ljubljana in one season and brought our stalls to foodies of 6 Slovenian towns a record-breaking 42 times! The 5 existing locations of Ljubljana, Celje, Koper, Nova Gorica and Ptuj were joined by Novo mesto, our 6th city!
The Open kitchen family has grown by 21 new restaurants and almost 20 artisans and small producers of food and beverages, thus increasing the number of vendors to almost 100 and the offer of dishes from near and far to over 300.

We’re extremely proud that a lot of local and global media wrote and spoke about us in the past year and many journalists strolled between the stands of the Open kitchen in search of a tasty story - the French Marie Claire magazine, British Olive Magazine, the Dutch RTLZ website, Finnish and German national TVs, National Geographic and Netflix are just a few of the big names that visited the market.

Reaching and surpassing all these successes would literally be impossible without a bunch of hard-working, determined, generous and creative people around us. A big shoutout for all the good work and infinite sources of positive energy goes to our amazing team of girls and boys, our fabulous vendors, the companies of JP LPT and Voka Snaga, the Celje, Koper, Nova Gorica, Ptuj and Novo mesto teams and, last but not least, our visitors and fans! Thank you for an unforgettable year!

The winter is coming, and it will be a time of generating inspiration and fresh energy for wins in 2020. See you again in spring!

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