Summer summer summertime

Time to sit back and unwind … (DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Summer days flow differently. Tanned skin, flowy dresses and glances, hidden behind the glasses or thrown over the silky shoulders are perfect companions to those hot afternoons when the shade is calling our names and sun-warmed surfaces make for perfect sitting spots in the long evenings. The clatter of ice cubes in the lightly dewed glasses soothes our thirst and summer passions, while the tanginess or subtle tartness of refreshing concoctions awake the sense of sweet sweet summer freedom.

Cold lemonades, ice teas, homemade syrups and other beverages will make you cooler than cool. When in search for that ice-cold feeling, opt for Dvor Jezeršek, Gostilna Mihovec, Gostilna pri Mari, Indijska restavracija Namasté, Organic Garden, Stow Coffee, TINK superfood café and Veganika.

Later we will let our minds wander off to the marvellous world of gins. Although the juniper has been around for ages, the Slovenian gin production only recently stepped up its game. Stop by our Brina stand and try the best (even non-alcoholic) gins that pair wonderfully with the growing selection of Slovenian tonics, mineral water, kombucha, fruit and spices. Our Brina staff will gladly introduce you to the summer specials, accompanied by a knowing grin.

Those opposing the thesis that only small quantities provide those rare moments of delight will find their joy in light and fruity summer beers. Make the sunny afternoons count with a glass or two, provided by our Craft beer stand – they will trade their extensive knowledge of the latest beer trends for a lovely smile (and a few euros).

We captured the feeling of light summer breeze in the wine glasses as well. While the subtle summerish notes will stand well on their own, feel free to combine the heavier tastes with some sparkling water. Where? Try your luck at Wine Point Koželj, J&B vinoteka and other eateries that chose a perfect glass to accompany their dishes.

Summer days flow differently so make them count! Surround yourself with the best company and cheer to the unforgettable summer experiences.

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