Borrowed time

Hey, September!

The sun is getting shyer, the letter R in the month is discouraging us from sitting on the steps, and the evening visits of Odprta kuhna should be accompanied by a warm cardigan. However! We are still here, grateful for every warm sunbeam, every Friday, spent in good company, every delicious meal prepared by our vendors. Cheers, we say to those lovely moments – make them count!

Only 9 Fridays remain until the end of our 8th season. We are sure the weather will interfere with a few of those, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for our season not to end up prematurely because of the corona. So, once again, please act responsibly and abide by the golden trio: distance – distance – distance, wash/disinfect your hands and follow every other necessary precaution.

What should you opt for? Where to begin … Faladur and Dobra vila are making a comeback, and Restaurant & Bar Manna are making their first appearance. At the Craft beer stand, you will find some new refreshing beers, at Brina stand, they will serve you a gin&tonic with perfect little cubes. The sky’s the limit.


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