A visit from the castle

Friday, the perfect weather, Odprta kuhna - come, let's eat!

First of all:
We are remaining healthy by watching our distance, disinfecting hands and not taking any chances with the corona!

And right after that: Extra good news!
If you were thinking of skipping the Open kitchen this time around, change your mind right now! After a long while, the team of Strelec, one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana, is descending from the castle hill to Pogačarjev trg

Igor Jagodic’s team will bring content smiles to our faces with beef tartar so delicious, we’d tackle it with a spoon if appropriate, and also, wait for it, burek.

Last but not least: What else should we eat?
We might go for šmorn and ice cream and pie and rolls and steaks and ribs. Also, fried calamari, baklavas, čevapi and noodles. And then some curry, gnocchi, tauk, oysters, paella, dumplings, organic burger etc. Did you already choose your menu?

Gostilna Grabar is returning to Odprta kuhna with some autumn nibbles – the perfect examples of authentic dishes of Štajerska region will be presented by vineyard krapec (bun) with chicken and home-made plum pie.

From the ashes of their reignited brick ovens, pinsas from Pinseria Rustika are rising like a phoenix – give them a try.

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