What are the stars up to these days

Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.

You probably know someone who comes to work sleep-deprived due to the early mornings’ basketball game or someone secretly checking the latest cycling race results during work. Well … we are following our chefs’ steps just as enthusiastically.

However, Slovenia is not only one of the top nations when it comes to sports, but has taken the culinary world by the storm as well, especially after this years’ Michelin awards. As in sports, the achievements in high-end cuisine are conditioned by the exquisite talent, hard labour and good team-work. The lives of chefs are full of great food and creativity, but also many challenges. If you are, like us, curious about the background happenings of Slovenia’s first Michelin star awarded restaurants you will surely enjoy the videos, prepared by the Sous Chef team and Mastercard for their “Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.” campaign.

So, instead of Odprta kuhna visits we will search for inspiration (and prize game answers) in the videos of every Slovenian Michelin star awarded chef: chef Ana Roš of Hiša Franko; chef Jorg Zupan of Atelje; chef Uroš Fakuč of Restavracija Dam; chef Gregor Vračko of Hiša Denk; chef Tomaž Kavčič of Gostilna pri Lojzetu and chef Uroš Štefelin of Vila Podvin.

First we stopped by chef Jorg Zupan of Atelje and continued our journey at chef Uroš Štefelin in Vila Podvinchef Uroš Fakuč of Restavracija Dam and chef Gregor Vračko of Hiša Denk. We also stopped by chef Tomaž Kavčič of Gostilna pri Lojzetu. For more information and future episodes, check Mastercard’s Facebook page.

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