Just looking at the stars

What day is it? Is it too early for some beef tartar? What should we do with ourselves in this strange time between Christmas and New Year? Find your mittens and head outside, cut the vegetables for the Russian salad, hide in your blanket fort or take another peek at the stars with us. The second chapter of our “Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.” campaign, prepared by the Sous Chef team and Mastercard, is here!

Join us at Vila Podvin, the only Michelin star awarded restaurant in the Gorenjska region, where we were charmed by the chef Uroš Štefelin, his devotion to tradition and rural surroundings and his incredible dishes.

So, hop on your couch and click here for the video episodes, dedicated to chef Uroš Štefelin. You might even find the answers for the prize game – but hurry up, the lucky winners will be announced soon. Write your answer in the comments under this post.

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