It's always warm and sunny

… with Teja from Skuhna and David from Shambala

Without Teja, David and their incredible teams Odprta kuhna would feel a lot less spicy and colourful: home-made Zimbabwean lunch, refreshing Vietnamese rolls, cute Nigerian puf puf balls or red Thai curry, often traded for some beer by Odprta kuhna's team … We are honoured to work with wonderful people from Skuhna and Shambala and would like for you to get to know them better.

Do you have a nickname? My favourite people call me 'cmoi', which after many abbreviations and derivatives means 'my Teja'.
When did you learn to cook? It's not cooking exactly, but when I was little I often built restaurants and patisseries from cardboard boxes. The menus always included dishes with a fair amount of dirt, water and imagination. Later on, I wanted to start my own candy factory. This all somehow led to Skuhna …
What's your favourite hobby? I used to free dive, but later on, all my hobbies were replaced by taking care of my family and Skuhna. Recently, I got into sustainable and community-supported agriculture.
The craziest thing that happened at your stand: Turning our chafing gel container into a fireball was quite exciting.
A fun story about the organisers: More of a fond memory … Lior's final speech at the end of the 8th season was wonderful. We are grateful for the lovely relationship we established.

The number of seasons at Odprta kuhna: We've been a part of Odprta kuhna from the very beginning.
What's your favourite hobby? Coin collecting.
What's your favourite dish at Odprta kuhna? I always like to visit Stari pisker for some ribs.
The craziest thing that happened at your stand: The whole team was taken aback when a boy, around 12, came by our stand to order spicy roast beef five times in one day.
A weather-related memory of the Open kitchen: I remember a hot day in Koper when the team took a half-hour break to freshen up in the sea.

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