Another star caught

It feels like we’ve just giggled with chef Jorg Zupan and admired the mountains with chef Uroš Štefelin, but the new chapter of “Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.” campaign, prepared by the Sous Chef team and Mastercard, is already here. Who did we meet?

Fakuč. Uroš Fakuč.

Back then, when wandering around Slovenia was not yet frowned upon, we visited his hotel and Dam Restaurant in Nova Gorica where we marvelled at his exceptional art collection as well as his incredible dedication and attention to detail. 

We discussed the carefully planned and executed vision for his restaurant, delighted in his dishes, put together with filigree artistry, and tried to catch as many relaxed moments, filled with his sonorous laughter, as possible. You can follow our starry endeavours on Mastercard’s Facebook page. Watch them carefully to find the answers for the newest prize game in which you can participate until the 11th of February.

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