And now we wait …

Although we thought the waiting game would be over by now. The first days of Spring will yet again go by without the opening of the new season of The Open kitchen and yet again our patience is put to the test.

Instead of moping, we will focus on the good news to tie us over until we can meet again at Pogačarjev trg.

What awaits us?

In the 9th season, the Open kitchen will be joined by a lovely group of vendors from near and far. Let us help you plan your first visit by introducing you to the first trio:

Stories by Lea with mouth-watering desserts of which dreams are made of. Your belly, Instagram feed and even #dogsofkuhna will be delighted that you visited her stand.

Bro'Sis Bar & Restaurant with delicious ‘chicky’ and ‘fishy’ club sandwiches invites you to take an extra-long and chill lunch break.

Pišek bar with their loaded fries, chicken wings and all strudel - the perfect comfort-food dishes to combine with your casual Friday. 

We can hardly wait!

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