Recycled and tricycled

Nothing but comfort at the Open kitchen.

All of those wondering what our team does while Pogačarjev trg is too cold, too dark or too infection-friendly, keep reading. While waiting, the team usually gets restless, pondering about all the ideas we wish to carry out in the spring, making sure your visits are as nice as they can be.

With that in mind, we thought of new pillows that will make your hang-outs at Pogačarjev trg even more comfortable. Well, the pillows are new, but not entirely new. Keeping up with our mission to ensure the Open kitchen is as sustainable as possible, we decided to find a new life for our old tarps from the stands.

We turned to the lovely Tricikel team which reuses worn-out and redundant materials. First, they bathe them thoroughly, then spruce them up and tailor the products, while the skilful hands of local seamstresses and craftsman ensure a seamless finish of their unique products.

We can't wait for you to try them! Meanwhile, you can check the photos from Tricikel's workshop, where we met with Iztok and Uroš, the makers of the pillows.

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