Still waiting

April is here and yet again, we are keeping to ourselves and taking care of our sourdough starter. May it be in the morning chirps of birds, the gentle bloom of the trees, comforting, mostly home-cooked meals or scrolling through the list of all the vendors that will join us at the Open kitchen as soon as possible, we are finding light and happiness however and wherever we can.

What awaits us?

The 9th season of the Open kitchen might just be the tastiest yet! Meet another trio of our lovely vendors, joining us for the first time:

Gostilna in vino Bužinel with their fresh selection of predominantly seafood dishes, paired with delicious wine from their cellar in Goriška brda.

The AMAZE with amazing 100% plant-based burgers and other street food options in all the colours of the rainbow.

Taco Polako with daring combinations of authentically unauthentic tacos and an unparalleled sense of humour.

We can hardly wait!

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