Jump into summer

Head to Odprta kuhna for an abundance of summer delights.

The weather, as always, is a fickle friend, but summer is in its essence nothing more than a state of mind. Summer is enjoying those carefree moments that fill every corner of our wonderful city. It’s ogling the tourists behaving… well, like tourists (but we love them nonetheless). Summer is discovering new favourite ice cream flavours and, most importantly, enjoying those sunny Fridays at Pogačarjev trg in the company of our favourite people in the world.

During summer days, time flows more slowly at Odprta kuhna. We start our mornings calmly, observing the commotion with a lovely dessert in our hands, perfectly complementing the lingering taste of our morning coffees. Around noon, we start browsing the colourful stalls for the perfect snack or hearty lunch, whether local or more exotic, depending on our preference. Soon after, we indulge in an aperitif, a cocktail, a glass of fresh wine, or a cold beer. Then it’s time for our first afternoon snack, perhaps another sweet bite, another gourmet novelty, another glass of a refreshing drink… Towards the evening, we gaze over the relaxed crowd from the top of the stairs, enjoying the hustle and bustle that, over a decade ago, became an integral part of our lives. We gratefully raise our glasses in your honour, dear visitors of Odprta kuhna, our favourite people in the world!

Join us, why don’t you!

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