What should you try this Friday?

If you're leaning towards the answer "Everything!", you'll particularly enjoy this news.

In collaboration with Tourism Ljubljana, the main partner of the 12th season of Open Kitchen, and their brand Gourmet Ljubljana, we've recently crafted the perfect experience for anyone who wants to indulge in the best our amazing culinary scene has to offer.

Open Kitchen on a Platter

With our excellent providers, we have prepared four diverse tasting menus that will give you an insight into the vibrant Slovenian culinary landscape and a behind-the-scenes look into our popular project. For over a decade, Open Kitchen has been bringing together the local culture of relaxed gatherings and a love for good food and drink, whether it’s traditional local dishes like štruklji or stuffed peppers, a wide selection of various world cuisines from Spanish to Korean and everything in between, or modern gourmet inventions and the greatest street food hits. When we combine all this with excellent accompaniment from the best Slovenian wines, craft beers, signature cocktails, and other refreshments, we know our Friday experience will be as delicious as ever!

What Have We Prepared for You?

Urban Ljubljana Menu: A four-course tasting menu featuring dishes from selected providers from Ljubljana and Central Slovenia region

Tasty Slovenia Menu: A four-course tasting menu featuring a selection of traditional dishes prepared by eateries from all over Slovenia.

Vegetarian Slovenia Menu: A four-course tasting menu filled with vegetarian delights.

Kids Love Slovenia Menu: A menu that includes the biggest hits of Open Kitchen and a glass of refreshing iced tea

You can also accompany the selected menus with liquid pairings, specially designed for you.

The tasting menus, complemented by a presentation of Open Kitchen and activities by Tourism Ljubljana and Gourmet Ljubljana, will be available every Friday between noon and 5 PM. You can reserve your spot here or at the TIC Ljubljana on the Adamič-Lundrovo Embankment.


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