All on what’s new, what’s cookin’ and what the weather will be like on Friday.

Autumn on a plate

We really dove into autumn and we’re grateful for every Friday when we can enjoy great food in the sunshine. And this Friday will be just that −sunny and filled with autumn’s goodies.

The lentil stew is returning to Falafel’s menu and Veganika is widening the soup-offer at the Open kitchen with an aromatic onion soup, boosted with potatoes.
The fans of meaty lunches will have a lot to choose from. Gostilna pri Mari will be making the awesome pork ribs with sage and honey and Gostilna Pri Kozolcu their fabulous pork and veal sausages.
There’ll also be some warm desserts: The Experiment boys will warm you up with some wickedly thick hot chocolate with raspberries, and the Jezeršek kaiserschmarrn is an eternal Open kitchen classic anyway!

So, we got you some ideas for a good food-good mood Friday. All you have to do is join us at Pogačarjev Square as we never know, which Friday will be the last of the season.

See you!
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