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Coming up: Brina, Ljubljana gin festival

A new story for all the fans of fine spirits and exquisite flavours is beginning in Ljubljana this spring. Brina, Ljubljana gin festival is coming to the capital on June 1. The whole-day event will take place in the beautiful Križanke in Ljubljana and connect Slovene gin distillers, top chefs, distilling, mixology, glasswork and culinary experts with all the fans and connoisseurs that know real pleasure comes from small amounts of really good things.

The rich programme, connected to gin and juniper, will start before the festival when selected Ljubljana bars will include the Brina cocktail into their offer and reach the climax on Saturday, June 1.

In the noon and early afternoon hours, Švicarija will host workshops and lectures while the afternoon and evening will be reserved for pairing gin with amazing dishes by Jorg Zupan (Atelje), Igor Jagodic (Strelec) and Jakob Pintar (Tabar), music and pleasant spring vibes, accompanied by gin cocktails in the exclusive Polaris by Hrastnik 1860 glasses, with Fever Tree tonics provided by the eVino team.

Partner: Turizem Ljubljana with the brand Gourmet Ljubljana

Exclusive festival glass: Polaris by Steklarna Hrastnik
Exclusive festival tonic: Fever Tree by eVino