All on what’s new, what’s cookin’ and what the weather will be like on Friday.

Last time in Celje

The final Open kitchen “weekend package” is here - on Friday we’re hanging out in Ljubljana for the penultimate time and on Saturday we’re celebrating the end of the season of our food market in Celje.

On Friday we’ll enjoy the late autumn sunshine and visit all our favourite stalls at Pogačarjev Square, as we only have one Friday left after that (if the weather will work with us, of course). So, visiting the Open kitchen is a must this week. We’ve already compiled a list of all the fine bites and sips we want to try. And you?

The next day, on Saturday, October 20, the last gourmet sun-catching in Celje is happening at the City Market from 10 AM to 8 PM. The fifth and last Open kitchen of the season there will offer sem new flavours.
Gostilna Pri kozolcu and Veganika are joining us for the first time - the former with traditional home-made filled pasta and yummy sausages and the latter with vegan pesto gnocchi and fabulous pies and other vegan delights.
The Twister team will add pancakes to their popular rolled ice cream, the Experiment boys will offer hot chocolate pudding and the Super hrust crunchy suckling pig will get a strong, autumn side dish - sauerkraut with bacon and roast potatoes.
Cancel all other plans and join us in celebrating the end of another exciting and yummy season of the Open kitchen in Celje.
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