All on what’s new, what’s cookin’ and what the weather will be like on Friday.

The Open kitchen is going to Novo mesto

In the seventh, fairytale season we’re adding a new stop for the Open kitchen caravan - on Saturday, May 25, we’ll visit Novo mesto, the Dolenjska capital for the first time. The stands with goodies from near and far will attract foodies from Novo mesto and its surroundings to the Glavni Square between 10 AM and 9 PM.

The people of Novo mesto can expect the walk between the stands will take them for a trip through the treasures of Slovenian gastronomy, spiced up with world cuisine hits, trendy street food and modern masterpieces. Excellent wines, craft beer and creative beverages will, of course, be at hand for making a toast to a new culinary story.

Novo mesto will be the sixth town in Slovenia we will be visiting regularly - following Ljubljana, Celje, Koper, Nova Gorica and Ptuj. Co-organiser of the event is Zavod Novo mesto

See you at Glavni Trg square on May 25!
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