All on what’s new, what’s cookin’ and what the weather will be like on Friday.

The sixth season is finished

Last Friday, we finished the sixth season of the Open kitchen in style. The final event in Ljubljana was a true celebration - you can find some photo memories on our Facebook page.

If we’re completely honest, it’s hard for us to believe that it’s over, as it went by so very quickly. Nevertheless, seven months and three days passed from the first spring to the last fall edition. We’ve done 41 events - 26 in Ljubljana, 5 in Celje, 4 in Nova Gorica and 3 in Koper and Ptuj and have fed thousands of visitors. Considering all the fun we had, it makes sense that it went by so fast.

We want to thank everyone who made this year the best one ever:
Thank you, our dear visitors, for the good vibes, the curiosity and loyalty that inspires us again and again.
All the vendors, thank you for amazing us with your creativity and hard work behind all the flavours and aromas of the Open kitchen.
All the team members for the diligence and commitment, for your ideas and help, for the laughs and a true team spirit! You are all awesome!
The staff from the Ljubljana market, Simbio in Celje, the municipalities of Koper and Nova Gorica and the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute - thank you for helping us present our project to foodies from all over the country.
A big thank you goes to everybody else who contributed to the fact that the Open kitchen is sailing towards its 200th edition soon.

We’ll be back in spring, full of inspiration and hungry for new ideas!

See you!