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Warm sips for cold days

The merry December is in full swing, the holiday lights are everywhere, the streets and squares are full of happy people. Everything smells of mulled wine, roasted almonds and other goodies.

Ljubljana is especially whimsical this time of year and if you (like us) really miss the Open kitchen already, we strongly recommend walking on the Ljubljanica river bank. You’ll see many familiar faces there.

Among them, you’ll meet Matej Martel Režek, known at the Open kitchen as the man behind Experiment; no ART = no FUN. He’ll definitely spice up your hot beverage with some wise words and endless jokes. So, if you want to warm up your body and soul (and your laughing muscles), stop by at the Moj lokal house at Gallusovo nabrežje. You’ll also find goodies from Atelier Karim on the same stand, so you’re not lacking reasons to visit.
We were just there and their warm sips for cold days impressed us so much, we asked Matej for some recipes we could make in the comfort of our own kitchen.

Ingredients for one drink:
0,10 l white wine
0,05 l unfiltered apple juice
0,02 l dark rum
Two cloves, a pinch of cinnamon, a few raisins, two slices of tangerine

Put the cloves, cinnamon, raisins, tangerine slices and rum in a cup. Heat the wine and apple juice to 70 °C and pour the mixture into the cup.
Serve with a smile.
Ingredients for 10 drinks:
0,5 l homemade pear spirit (eg. Poire Williams)
200 g honey
Dried pears

Heat the spirit and honey to 40 °C. Pour into 0,5 dl glasses and add 3-5 dried pear slices to each.

We’re popping out to buy the ingredients as we speak. How about you? Are you making these or some other liquid experiment at home? Do share!