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We were awarded the snovalec 2018

On Tuesday, October 9, the Slovenian Tourist Board awarded us with the snovalec 2018 for our project Slovenija - culinary destination. The award ceremony took place in Grand Hotel Bernardin, where the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2018 were happening from October 8 to October 10.

The award was presented to two innovative tourism ideas that were chosen from more than 15 applications and have already been executed until October 2018. Besides us, the award was also given to the team behind the project Luknja v prihodnost.

The project Slovenija - culinary destination is presenting the Open kitchen as an integrated tourism product by connecting gastronomy to cultural and natural heritage and thus placing Slovenia firmly on the culinary map of the world.
From June 1 to September 21 we’ve organised 14 events and, with the help of tourism organisations, small producers and craftsmen, presented over 30 Slovenian destinations. We got to know their culinary traditions with original local and regional dishes, typical food products and culinary-related crafts, while at the same time discovering new approaches to gastro-tourism and fresh ideas for presenting the rich Slovenian traditions.

From the very beginning of the Open kitchen, we’ve striven for the tourism strategy of Slovenia to give greater importance to gastronomy and we’re happy, that the STB recognised the idea’s potential and helped us with executing the project.
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