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We won the snovalec award!

Slovene Tourist Organisation chose three innovative ideas for this year’s snovalec award and we are happy to announce we are one of them! Our project Slovenia - culinary destination that upgrades the Open kitchen into an integral tourist product was chosen by the jury from 40 applicants.

From the very beginning of making the Open kitchen, we believed that Slovenia should have a bigger spot on the global culinary map and this year we expanded the idea into a concept of a culinary-information centre, through which Slovenia will present itself to the world as a connected gastronomic destination.

The project connects cultural and natural heritage to gastronomy, the added value being the presentation of different regions with original local and regional dishes, quality vendors and craftsmen.

We’re happy that STO recognised the potential of the idea as well and helped us make the project, that will see the light of day in May 2018, come true.
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