MINIkuhna - a culinary trip around Slovenia

On Saturday, November 23, we set on a culinary trip with MINI cars, joined by the winners of the prize game, organised by MINI Slovenia.

We started the panoramic foodie adventure with a ride from Ljubljana to Zgornje Priniče where we were served brunch fit for royalty in Gostilna Mihovec. Mojca prepared the famous Mihovec flat cake and other traditional goodies with a modern twist.

From Priniče, the winding road took us and our MINI’s uphill to Gostišče Grič in Šentjošt nad Horjulom. In the cosy dining room overlooking the forest, we took time to enjoy the wild yet delicate plates by chef Luka Košir.

After an amazing lunch, we through the valley to get to the neighbouring hill, home to the Orešnik family and their goats. We took a tour of the farm, tried some goat cheeses and learned some interesting facts about the Orešnik Cheesemaking.

The gourmet voyage was ended by a descent to the Ljubljana basin, where we finished in the old city centre, enjoying a dessert in Landerik.

As we were saying goodbye in the evening happy and full, we agreed that there can never be enough good food and nice views in pleasant company.

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