FAQ about the new season opening

The Open kitchen’s corona-season brings a couple of changes, so we prepared answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope they manage to chase away any potential worries and satisfy your curiosity. If not, don’t be shy, we’re more than happy to answer all your questions on our social media channels as well. Let’s get to it:


Will there be disinfectants?
Of course, they’ll be available on all the stands. Our vendors will work according to all the other precautions as well, and we will encourage all the visitors to disinfect and/or wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.


Will there be a limit to the number of visitors?
The Open kitchen is a part of the Ljubljana Central Market’s offer and is located in a public space, with people passing through constantly. It would be hard to limit the numbers, but what we did to allow people to disperse is changing the schedule a bit. We’ll be at Pogačarjev trg two days in a week - Thursdays and Fridays. We’ll also increase the gaps between the stands and decrease the number of tables and seating.


How often will you disinfect the tables?
Our team will take a lot of care for the disinfection of tables. We’ll try not to bother you with this aspect of our work, but we’ll for sure follow the “better too much than too little” philosophy.


Should visitors wear masks?
Even if the Open kitchen happens outdoors, the masks are mandatory when you can’t assure the proper distance which is 2 meters.


How will you assure the safety distance between visitors?
We’ll put up notes and guidelines all over the location to keep reminding everyone about the new rules. If necessary, we’ll also kindly warn people, but we’re sure our visitors are caring and responsible people, that know we should take care of each other - now more than ever.


What rules do the vendors have to follow?
All the vendors have always followed all the strict HACCP standards and now, additionally, all the National Public Health Institute recommendations. They will use all the appropriate safety gear, wash and disinfect their hands and surfaces regularly and keep an appropriate distance from the guests.


Will the ordering procedure change?
The food and drinks will be ordered at the stalls as before, but we will ask everyone to try and keep appropriate distance while ordering and use disinfectants at the stalls. The new season brings two novelties: cashless payment option at all the vendors and the removal of the self-service options. The vendors will hand you the cutlery and any other “accessories” you may need with your meal.


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