Act responsibly

We do not want you to worry, but we do want to provide a safe and pleasant environment. Since we are all kind-hearted and responsible we will keep following the preventive measures and take care of each other right?

We encourage you to follow the rules for preventing the spreading of coronavirus that just wouldn’t leave us be:

1. Wash your hands

It’s what our moms and grandmas taught us, it’s what our doctor said and it’s what we are saying as well. Please wash your hands at the tap by the stairs or use the disinfectants, provided at the stands.

2. Keeping the distance

If you and the person next to you do not feel the need to snuggle on the couch on rainy afternoons, you should keep the safety distance. This means at least 1,5 meters or more. As we said – imagine that Luka Dončić is lying between you and the other person.

3. Sneezing and coughing

Here’s the deal – if you do not feel well, you should stay at home! If your nose feels provoked by the enchanting smells from our stands, please sneeze (or cough) into your elbow or use your handkerchief. And don’t forget to wash your hands.

4. Unnecessary touching

If you haven’t just washed your hands, you should refrain from touching your face and surfaces (although we regularly disinfect them). 


Our vendors will also make sure to take all the necessary precautions by regularly disinfecting everything, following (really strict) hygiene standards and offering the cashless payment option. They will also provide you with cutlery, napkins, sauces, toppings and bread since the self-service is currently unavailable.

And that’s it. We will really appreciate your visit but, please, take care of yourself and stay away from the crowd.


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