Another fine Friday

On Friday we’ll see you at Pogačarjev trg, right? The plan is as follows: eating fine food, chit-chatting and blowing the clouds away.

We’ll circle the stands, chomping and giggling, enjoying the variety of goodies and admiring the love and warmth infused into the Agnič family wood products. We’ll freshen up with with some seriously cool drinks like the trippy lemonade by TINK, Ayatana’s kombucha or the sourish Lolita by Bevog. It’s going to be another fine Friday indeed!

Last but not least, let us repeat this year’s motto: Health and love, darlings! Good people take care of each other by following the guidelines to limit the spread of coronavirus. We keep distance, wash our hands, disinfect, mind the coughing and sneezing hygiene … you know how it goes by now ...

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