Recipe: Pad thai

Noodles for the little ones, noodles for the elderly, noodles for everyone! Especially on a cold day when nothing is going your way. Check our favourite Pad thai recipe from Roza slon:

Ingredients for one person:

2 eggs

50 g soybean sprouts

200 g rice noodles

80 g chicken file, pork or shrimp 

50 g of tofu

2 spoons of pad thai sauce*

10 g of roasted and peanuts

A lime wedge

Cook noodles according to the package instructions, be sure not to overcook them. Cut the meat and tofu into smaller pieces. Leave the shrimp whole. Heat the wok or a big frying pan and add some oil. Scramble the eggs and mix thoroughly. Add the protein of your choice and cook it through. Mix in the pad thai sauce, add the noodles and tofu. Add some water, just to cook the noodles a little bit more. At the last minute, add the soybean sprouts. Serve in a bowl, add the roasted peanuts and a lime wedge.

*Pro tip:

Make your own pad thai sauce. You will need:

4 tbs of fish sauce 

4 tbs of soy sauce

Juice of two limes 

10 tbs of water

2 tbs of palm sugar (or white crystal sugar)

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