The Syndicate of Odprta kuhna (SOK)

Have you heard about Odprta kuhna's very own (self-proclaimed) syndicate?

A few years ago four lovely ladies of Odprta kuhna formed a special union over their morning coffee and called it a Syndicate of Odprta kuhna. Exchanging the mischievous glances and whisper they dedicated their efforts to never let their glasses or conversation dry out.

The members of the syndicate are an energetic and delightful crowd: Mojca of Gostilna Mihovec - you will recognize her by her long braids and a large pan, full of the delicious liver. Špela of Gostilna pri Mari, who forms a perfect duo with her brother Rene. Helena - as pleasant and good-natured as her other half, Karim. And Bianca of J&B Vinoteka, who most certainly joined the syndicate to catch a break from her predominantly male work and home environment. As every determined syndicate, the SOK carries out their vision to the next generation and was recently joined (during weekends and school holidays only) by a talkative teenager Ela of Gostilna Mihovec

Get to know Mojca, Ela and Bianca.


Mojca spends her mornings at the family farm, her afternoons and evenings in the kitchen and nights in the office, making sure everything runs smoothly at Gostilna Mihovec. She learned to cook by her mother’s stove and passed her knowledge along the bloodline (read below). Her favourite dish at Odprta kuhna is, of course, the liver, although she enjoys her Nutella spread on the freshly baked bread before her pan gets sizzling hot. Luckily, Nutella is a part of their regular equipment that they always remember to bring with them. 

The most interesting comment by a visitor at Odprta kuhna: “I am vegan, but I can eat the livers you prepare.”

A fun story about the organisers: When installing our new counter, Lior seemed eager to help. We let him hold it for a while until we heard a loud bang, followed by the sight of our counter on the floor and Lior with a confused look on his face. The carpenter later came by to fix the counter and everything was well again.

What is your idea of a dream vacation? A trip with the syndicate girls into the unknown. No, I am changing my answer due to Ela’s cries. A few days with my family.


Ela, also known as Elči, was spinning around the kitchen under the watchful eye of her mother Mojca when she was only three years old. To this day, dancing and cooking remain her favourite hobbies. When joining Odprta kuhna, she often indulges in some šmorn and ice cream.

The craziest thing that happened at your stand: When dad cut off his finger. Well, just the tip, to be honest.

The most interesting comment by a visitor at Odprta kuhna: A little boy came by with his mother but didn’t want to order any liver, so the mother ordered a portion just for herself. A bit later, the boy stopped by to order some more and mentioned that this is the best dish he ever had.

The biggest logistics-related challenge you faced at Odprta kuhna: That one time I forgot the cash register at home by the stairs and couldn’t hear the end of it.


Bianca of J&B Vinoteka has been an indispensable member of the Odprta kuhna for more than seven seasons. She also enjoys dancing and tasting new dishes. Like good wine, she is full of life truths, such as: “Each year we are blessed with some rain, but the sun comes out after it just the same.” 

The craziest thing that happened at your stand: My husband (and occasional coworker) Jure opened a bottle of champagne and accidentally showered the whole stand and the crowd with it. But it was all just for good luck.

The most interesting comment by a visitor at Odprta kuhna: It might not be the most interesting, but it is the most common: “Do you have any wine here? Oh, I didn’t notice.”

The favourite place in the whole world: There are a lot of lovely places but I especially enjoy returning home. In the end, it’s not about the places, but the people you surround yourself with. Surrounded by good people - that is how all those lovely memories form. And this goes for Odprta kuhna as well.


We sure miss our syndicate girls and look forward to all those lovely memories to be made in the future. We can hardly wait for the spring when we will meet each other again and (keep your fingers crossed) exchange some warm embraces.


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