Hello, Nisha!

The first to join the Odprta kuhna family.

Meet Vesna, for those who want to talk business or Nisha for all of us who simply adore her. The successful owner of the Indian restaurant Namasté is officially the first partner who signed a contract with Odprta kuhna and joined our market more than 250 times. In the past eight seasons, some of the customers have become regulars and the team knows their order by heart. Honestly, we also can’t image Odprta kuhna without the Indian rolls.

Here’s a glimpse of the stories she shared with us:

When did you learn to cook? Despite successfully running the business for years, it was only recently I took upon cooking. I remember my mother answering the reporter, who was asking, whether I am better at preparing curry or goulash, that Nisha can’t even cook rice. That has changed now. I know how to cook rice and several other dishes. When I have time I actually enjoy cooking.

Favourite dish at Odprta kuhna: For dessert, I would choose ‘šmorn’ or Karim’s biscuits, but most of the time I support the locals - my neighbours from Argentino and Čad.

The most interesting comment by a visitor at Odprta kuhna: “Your roll is simply the best. I can hold it in my hand and put it in my mouth.” After that, the customer turned every shade of red, and we all cried from laughter.

The biggest logistics-related challenge you faced at Odprta kuhna: As opposed to other vendors, our team does not arrive at Pogačarjev square with trucks, but with trolleys. It’s a funny sight, seeing two Indian guys clatter through Ljubljana’s streets early in the morning.

The dish you most often make at home: Grilled cheese.

What/who can you not live without? I have four big loves in my life: Prija (daughter), Iztok (husband), Tara (dog) and Namasté (restaurant).

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