Which Barbara?

Our Barbara. Although you’ve probably never seen her before.

She’s the one making sure that Odprta kuhna has a way with words, not just food, and that all our texts are thoroughly proofread. On Fridays, she moves almost unnoticeably through the stands, whilst often wearing colourful skirts, trying all sorts of dishes, doing research, as she puts it. She is also the only member of our team that eats everything - really, even tripe.

Her abilities include but are not limited to writing great content (sometimes even the same text in up to six slightly different versions), speed googling and keeping the team acquainted with many almost forgotten (or momentarily invented) words. So far, she has written a myriad of lovely texts, and we are glad she’s planning to prepare umpteen more.

Enabling all her future incognito “researches”, the photographs only reveal her hands, but we were able to get her to reveal a bit of herself with the following questions:

What’s your favourite dish at Odprta kuhna?

It would be hard to pick only one. I always stop by our new vendor’s stands to get a better idea of them. Whenever I miss my mum’s cooking, I choose something traditional, the other days I go for something exotic and spicy. Sometimes I come for some dessert, pretending I’ve stopped by to say hello to the team.

What do you enjoy most about the Odprta kuhna team?

The Odprta kuhna team is a wonderful hybrid between a professional and family environment. Preparing family lunches intertwines with long brainstorming sessions, sharing important information mixes well with sharing hugs and happiness when achieving our goals and making our project perfect.

What does the team tease you about?
There is no on-going joke but a funny moment here and there, especially when I pronounce my R’s a bit differently (wrong), write something dumb or my hiccups won’t stop.

What’s the most stressful part of your job?

Hearing a sentence starting with: “We would need this in about 5 minutes …” Particularly when I hear from three different sides of the office.

Which of your qualities does the team admire the most?

It might be my ability to go from 0 to 1500 characters without spacing in mere minutes or my desire of airing out the stuffy culinary vocabulary and banning any phrase that includes mentioning of taste buds.

What’s the most nonsensical thing you had to do for your job?

It wasn’t nonsensical, but it became a bit repetitive as we were nearing the end of the season. I must have written a billion versions of “Please wash your hands and keep your distance.” this year.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about Odprta kuhna?

Taking Odprta kuhna for granted, like something that magically appears at Pogačarjev square each Friday. Belittling the hard work of many people that earn their daily bread by organising it and are helping others to earn it as well. It’s also why the harsh critics, especially unfounded ones, upsets us. 

What is your most googled topic?

Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were contacted by some Google’s employee wondering if I am doing ok. My day often consists of googling random information from details of cheese making to old proverbs and of course weather reports.

What do you miss most at the moment?

Being at ease. Running into friends on the street and hugging them. Sitting outside without a care in the world, fearlessly touching the surfaces. Taking a sip out of a friend’s glass to try new beer. Reading the news without becoming anxious ...

What’s your hidden/useless talent?

I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.

Do you have any pets?

Not at the moment, but bugging my neighbour’s cat on daily bases might be a sign it’s time for one.

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