We are announcing the 9th season of the Open kitchen.

We’ve delicately outlined the number nine, as if we would trace it in the sand or scattered sugar, surrounding our morning cup of coffee. We decided to lead with sizzle and follow with a bang momentarily – if anything, the last year taught us to be cautious. But at the same time, we are cautiously optimistic. With hope we aspire to a brighter future, seeing the light twinkling at the horizon. When the time comes, and the sun finally breaks through the clouds, we will invite you all: from near and far, to Ljubljana and other cities, where we will eat, drink and be merry. Soon!

The 9th season of the Open kitchen will start sometime at the beginning of spring, providing luck, health and weather will all be on our side. We will dedicate it to finding balance – between the old and the new, between everything that we carelessly took for granted in the past and all that, awaiting us in this new version of reality. We will find balance between the perfect ease and a healthy amount of care (for the environment and each other). We might even find balance when eating and finally learn how to leave some space for dessert.

The sum and products and the digits, if explained by Pitagoras, somehow lead to number nine being the most extraordinary number. Funnily enough, the sum and products of all the wonderful moments, provided by our caring and talented vendors, will certainly lead to another extraordinary season of the Open kitchen, especially if we add up the number of wonderful moments yet to be provided by this season's newcomers.

So, we invited our extended team, the vendors you all know and love, and those you will get to know and love in the future. Meanwhile, the Guardian invited the whole world (we are grateful and humbled by that gesture). The only thing left is to invite you, our dear friends. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for some magic, so we will be able to meet at Pogačarjev trg as soon as possible. 

We can't wait to see you!

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