On hold

Still keeping our fingers crossed!

With each passing Friday nearing the springtime, we usually get more and more optimistic and excited. This time, however …

The good news is that we were not planning the opening of our 9th season today with all this cold, rain and impending doom in the air. The bad news is, we won’t be able to start our 9th season next Friday either. We would gladly blame the weather for that one, but the real reason for the delay is well known. 
When planning the start of the new season, we were hoping that the conditions would allow us to organize the Open kitchen in a form that we all know and love. Unfortunately, the virus-related situation is not at all rosy, nor is it yellow or in any colour or shape that would please us.

The opening of the 9th season will therefore be postponed until our gatherings could be safer and more relaxed.

We promise to inform you about the new date of the opening as soon as we are sure about it. So sure that you will be able to mark it in your calendars, using a permanent marker. Until then, keep your (thoroughly washed) fingers crossed that we can meet and eat soon!


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