So many stars …

We’ve always marvelled at the immense creativity, talent and dedication of Slovenian chefs, but the visits to their kitchens left us in awe. During the “Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.” campaign our Sous Chef’s team created together with Mastercard, we uncovered the pots and visions of the chefs, awarded with the first Michelin stars in Slovenia last year. We hope we tickled your curiosity and evoked the pride we felt visiting these astounding chefs and their teams.

We are also proud of the work we did. The “Take a peek at the stars. Start something priceless.” campaign is the first Slovenian project that Mastercard included on their international Priceless platform. Foodies from around the world will soon be able to follow the recipes of our very own incredible chefs while reading the interview of the one and only chef Ana Roš.

So, we omletted with Jorg Zupan from Atelje, we polentad with Uroš Štefelin from Vila Podvin, risotto- with Uroš Fakuč from Dam hotel and restaurant, gnocchied with Gregor Vračko from Hiša Denk, radicchioed with Tomaž Kavčič from Gostilna pri Lojzetu and mochied with Ana Roš from Hiša Franko. But most importantly, we were getting to know the amazing individuals that earned a pleiad of stars for their hard work and brilliant ideas.


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