See you at the Open kitchen!

We took over the sun-kissed Fridays at Pogačarjev trg yet again. It’s where we, the eaters from near and afar, joined in the pursuit of incredible tastes, refreshment and good company, unite. We, the pleasure-seekers who like to jump into our weekends head first!

Let us share our favourite Open kitchen experience with you to inspire your next visit - the visit to build a dream on, spiced up with your greatest ideas and culinary combinations. Here it goes:

First, we check our calendars to make sure that our brains didn’t trick us and that it is, in fact, Friday. Finally. Then we look up to the sky to see if the weather reporters got it right this time and we can finally put our umbrellas in the corner. Next stop, the closet. We pick something nice and comfortable, then pair it with a warm cardigan or jacket to keep us warm in the evening. Before we take off, the final check-up is required: phone, wallet, keys, some sunscreen ... and we are ready! 

Let’s visit the Open kitchen, preferably on foot, by bike or by bus, since it’s more environmentally friendly that way. Arriving there, we stop in front of the lines and lines of neatly placed and embellished stands with ever-smiling vendors, inviting us to have a taste, to have a sip. We start at the beginning, for a quick overview and assessment of the situation. Where to begin? Wherever we want to. With some dessert before lunch, with a quick shot, with four different kinds of noodles … It’s ok. No one’s here to judge. We move along to visit one of the new guys, just to check what they've prepared for us, and to one of those Open kitchen veterans, who managed to polish the taste of their dishes to perfection over the years. We try something exotic, something traditional, a glass of some sparkling and some homemade ice tea. We also make a list of vendors to visit next time and to recommend to our friends.

Then we move to the sitting area by the stairs or the tables while nodding to our acquaintances, petting the dogs and grinning at the little ones, playing by the water. This is where we assume our positions.

From there, we observe the hustle and bustle of Pogačarjev trg, noting the fashion and, more importantly, food choices and from time to time return to get seconds or at least a fresh glass. Then we wave goodbye to the sun, setting behind the town, and just relax, enjoy and savour the moment.


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