Grateful for you

Where’d all the good people go? To the Open kitchen, it seems …

When we think of all the beautiful people that built the community around the Open kitchen, we cannot help but feel humbled and thankful. From those that relentlessly type and call, discuss and organize in our office to all of the workers making sure our Friday get-togethers remain flawless. And of course, what would the Open kitchen do without all of our friends from the best eateries in Slovenia, and without you, dear visitors. Without you, every Friday would be grim and dreary.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for helping our friends get back on their feet after times like these.

When we found out the Open kitchen is one of the finalists of the NLB and partners #OkvirPomoči 2021 project, which helps small business owners, we decided to pay tribute to the Open kitchen community. On the billboards inviting you to the Open kitchen, you will find the list of our vendors, our dear friends - you might even find an idea for your next meal! Have you seen the billboards? If so, go on and invite all your friends for lunch at the Open kitchen.


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