Cheers to Autumn!

The Open Kitchen – coming to a town square near you.

Before the cold weather (and related epidemiological mishaps) rear its ugly head, let us meet once or several times more for a relaxed (yet responsible) get-together with all you lovely people outside Ljubljana.

The Open kitchen is heading on its autumn tour and will soon be coming to a sun-kissed town square near you. Where can you find us?

- Novo mesto: September 11, Glavni trg

- Ptuj: September 12, Mestni trg

- Vipava, September 25, Glavni trg

- Slovenj Gradec, October 2, Trg svobode and Glavni trg


Come by, so we can have a great time together!

For more info click on our calendar.


P.S. Don't you worry, Ljubljana, Fridays are still yours – from now on from 10 a.m. to 9. p.m. – at least until the luck, weather, and public health are still on our side.

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