To fresh culinary adventures!

We take pride in the Open kitchen forming its own culinary universe, brightening each season with a couple of new shining stars. You are more than welcome to visit our universe, peruse and discover your supernova. At the same time, we are happy to invite you to our next delicious quest inspired by our collaboration with Ljubljana Tourism and their Gourmet Ljubljana brand.

On your next visit to the Open kitchen, visit our info stand for your very own first-ever issue of Gourmet Ljubljana magazine. You might want to choose a snack at your favourite vendor before finding the perfect spot on Pogačarjev trg and let yourselves be absorbed into stories and photos, paying tribute to Ljubljana, its surroundings and all the delights it offers.

You might notice a familiar face in the magazine, the same one you spotted behind our stands just moments before. A wonderful idea for your next meal, the best breakfast, or a cup of coffee in the centre awaits among those pages. You might feel inspired to turn the corner and immerse yourself in the colourful bustle of our town’s market. You might even plan your next great culinary escapade, being a visit to Trubarjeva street and its incredible offer of world cuisine or a trip to the nearby hills with some authentic Slovenian goods. And surely, the Gourmet Ljubljana magazine will inspire you to have another glass of refreshing craft beer, top-notch wine or a creative new cocktail. 

So, call your friends and tell them about the incredible culinary delights of Ljubljana so you can plan your next visit to one of our town's many culinary events (such as our Beer & Burger Fest in September) together.

Yes, Ljubljana loves food. And we love both.


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