The waves of our lives

We are cancelling our get-togethers at the Open kitchen in Ljubljana in Vipava, but at least we were able to postpone the latter. We will meet on Glavni trg in Vipava on Saturday, October 15.

With each passing day, we get more immune to the ripples and waves: the measureless waves of corona, the summer heat waves and now, the waves of cold air announcing that winter is coming. As it seems, the wave of cold air and thunderstorms will flush away this weekend's gatherings. We sure hope that after it passes, we will be met with the sun-lit colours of autumn in Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Ptuj and Vipava.

Here's the thing about waves: if we cannot fight them with tireless paddling, then maybe, we should just let it go with unwavering hope that everything will turn out just as it should. And if Steve Nicks successfully sailed through the changing ocean tides and handled the seasons of her life, then we will too.

Take care, you wonderful people.

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