We rise by lifting others #4

Together we can make the world wonderful.

Good people of Slovenj Gradec, we immensely enjoyed our visit last Saturday. Your smiles and kind words made our day, and we wanted to share some good mood and good food with others.

Continuing our project We rise by lifting others, designed in cooperation with MINI Slovenija, we were joined by Nicole, a proper foodie sharing her incredible culinary adventures on envy_eats Instagram profile. She made her way through the many curves leading to the Koroška region and joined us for a couple of winds between the stands of our lovely vendors. Together we collected their packages and delivered the goods to the Slovenj Gradec’s food distribution centre, led by our local coorganizers - the public institute SPOTUR.

Of course, our charity project wouldn’t grow and bloom without all the lovely people involved. Many thanks to MINI Slovenija, Nicole, SPOTUR and all the vendors who donated food. We can’t wait for a new episode of the We rise by lifting others project – on Wednesday, October 5, when we will make our way to Nova Gorica.

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