The 10th season whooshed by

And we enjoyed it so much!

Life gets a little funny from time to time. It puts obstacles in our way and surprises us with a tricky bend, a steep climb or large holes in our path. When it happens, when we lose track, we need to remember the foundations, all the wonderful people surrounding us, and everything that truly matters. For us, it’s the Open kitchen.

In these turbulent times, as the media calls it time and time again, even when it seems that the storm has passed, we have to rely on undisputable truths:

- that on a hot summer day, there is no better refreshment than some cold white wine mixed with mineral water
- that the secret ingredient of every delicious dish is butter

- that on every sunny Friday from March to October, we will meet at Pogačarjev trg

It’s hard to describe how proud we are that our lovely get-togethers have, in less than a decade, become an integral part of our lives in the city or how grateful we are that you always welcome us - in Ljubljana and elsewhere - with open arms.

And we will explain to everyone who’ll listen (and even those that won’t) how happy we are to have you! Our beloved culinary enthusiasts, we are honoured to share with you all those incredible and tasty moments. Our hearts are filled with love for you.

Of course, our thanks go to our splendid vendors, providing all those (solid and liquid) delights for the Open kitchen, Beer & Burger Fest and freshly awakened Brina. Our praises go to our dearest boys and girls from the extended family of the Open kitchen for their hard work and positivity. Thank you, the Municipality of Ljubljana and JP LPT, for completing another successful season. Thanks to our trusty coorganizers from other towns - Municipality on Nova Gorica, Municipality of Novo mesto, the public institutes SPOTUR, Zavod za turizem TRG Vipava and the Zavod za turizem Ptuj. Thank you, Ljubljana Tourism and Gourmet Ljubljana, for a lovely alliance bringing us special projects such as the extra edition of the Open kitchen that will soon take place as a part of the November Gourmet programme.

Today, we cheer to the long unswerving roads, to turbulence-free times, to all the good people and to the Open kitchen. Hip-hip-hooray!


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