This is it

So here we are! In the last two weeks of October, the weather had its say, and the 11th season of the Open Kitchen is officially over. With 14 newcomers, 25 delightful gatherings in Ljubljana, 7 journeys from Ljubljana to other cities, hundreds of different dishes, and countless conversations, hugs, and smiles, we can confidently say that it was once again the best one yet.

Just like in life, every ending in the cycle of the Open Kitchen marks a new beginning. Autumn and winter will be a time for peaceful reflection on all the beautiful experiences we've had and for devising new, ever so ambitious plans for the future. Spring will be here in the blink of an eye, and in the twelfth season, we will welcome you with many new features – who or what they will be? You’ll find out soon enough! :)

So, let's not be sad that it's over but rather eagerly anticipate what the new beginning will bring. 

See you soon!

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