Did you catch a hushed whisper, the click of heels, the rustle of a trench coat on the cobbled streets of Ljubljana? Did you notice a bold splash of red lips out of the corner of your eye? Did you turn at the sound of a captivating laugh, only to find the lady had vanished around the corner before you could truly see her?

Chances are, you encountered Brina.

Our Brina, you know which one - the one, brimming with life and daringly pushing boundaries wherever she goes. Soon, Brina will grace the enchanting Kri┼żanke courtyard on a perfect late spring Saturday. Why not join her as she transforms the old courtyard into a vibrant and unforgettable get-together for joyous bon-vivants? How will she manage to do it?

With magical potions crafted by the finest mixologists far and wide, featuring a dazzling array of classic and seasonal flavours, revealing secrets from the very best cocktail masters, accompanied by delectable bites perfect for a party that stretches into the late hours, melodies to dance to, and the splendid company of those who delight in afternoons/evenings/nights.

Join Brina on Saturday, June 8th. If our sources are correct, she'll make her entrance around 17:04 and depart around 23:47. See you there!

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