Rene says hi!

Meet the Open kitchen’s most dedicated fan.

Since we are already presenting you with stories of Slovenia’s first Michelin star restaurants, we got inspired to help you get to know our food market’s loyal and wonderful vendors as well.

Have you met Rene? Rene, Miki for those in the know, is the one that greets you with a bright green apron, a sincere smile and an ice cold spritz at Gostilna pri Mari’s stand. It is no wonder that he serves the best fried chicken and stuffed peppers at the market, considering his chef’s life began long ago, when he was a bright eyed 5-year-old, making scrambled eggs with cracklings at his family inn.

If you ever want to chat to Rene, ask him about sports – especially basketball – and you’re good to go.

As Gostilna pri Mari has been a regular member of the Open kitchen family for 8 seasons already, he had no issues in finding some fun anecdotes to share with us.

The craziest thing that happened at your stand: A guest from the US ordered a dish and came back in 10 minutes, insisting I take a 20 EUR tip, because he loved it so much!

A weather-related memory of the Open kitchen: At one of this year’s first editions, we encountered quite a storm. People weren’t really bothered and kept eating even in the rain. While looking to buy a change of clothes, I came to a stand, selling T-shirts for tourists. The guy wanted to charge me 25 EUR for a regular shirt – take it or leave it …

The most interesting comment of a guest at the Open kitchen: A foreign guest was so impressed by our ribs in white wine sauce, he stated it was the best food in Slovenia.

A fun story about the organisers: When Slovenia won the Eurobasket championship, mr. Lior walked around the Open kitchen wearing a sports fan hat in the colours of the Slovenian flag all day.

Wanting to know more about our vendors’ activities these days? Check it out HERE.

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