This time for real ...

May 28th!*

"If the first, then second attempt is in vain, when searching for refuge, a cure for this pain, try it once more, try it anew, try it again." Those words of a wise Slovenian poet anchored our souls in the past days, encouraging us to try it anew in announcing the opening of the 9th season of the Open kitchen yet again, this time for Friday, the 28th of May.

Again, we carefully read through all the decrees. Again, we called our dear friends from our favourite eateries near and afar. Again, we checked that the weather prognosis looks promising. And now, going full steam ahead, we can again invite you to join us at Pogačarjev trg for a delicious bite, refreshing drink and some long-awaited chatter.

Following the ever-changing rules of the game, we plan on perpetually informing you of all the measures we - caring, responsible and flexible people - will have to follow to provide safer get-togethers. The golden standards of keeping the distance and washing/disinfecting your hands will be upgraded with new rules regarding the use of the tables and seating areas. You can check the Open kitchen guidelines and FAQs here.

So, do a happy dance to help us chase the rain away and ensure the sun will shine bright above Pogačarjev trg on Friday. See you there!

*When luck, health, weather and valid decrees will all be on our side. Finally!


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