This is it, people

The 10th season of the Open kitchen is coming to an end this Friday

October did well this year and provided us with all the available sunny Fridays for our get-togethers at Pogačarjev trg. We will meet there for the last time this year, for the 25th time this season, this Friday, October 28

How should we go about it?

Since it is the last time, we might start with desserts. With a piece of delicious pie from Pie Shop, maybe, or a classic from Dvor Jezeršek or Moji štruklji Slovenije, perhaps? How about the colourful chocolates from Bon Bon čokoladni atelje or a sweet package from Atelier Karim? Too cold for ice cream? Never. The TWISTER Ice Cream Rolls await. And for the sweetest finish? Toro’s churros, of course.

Raising our glasses to another lovely season of our culinary get-togethers, we might opt for something refreshing from Info & Bar stand or choose a beer or two from the upper or lower deck of the square. Looking for something fancier? Gin and tonic at Brina, spritz at Bianca’s place (J&B vinoteka) or some funky wine at Svarun (Kletvica) might do the trick. But not on an empty stomach!

We will embark on our final culinary trip around the world this year, starting at Restavracija Kitajski vrt and their neighbours at Roza Slon, followed by the visit to Indijska restavracija Namasté and Abi Falafel. On the other end of the ocean, the Taco Polako stand and Argentino Steakhouse will spice things up, while the tastes of the global south will be represented at Skuhna. Making our way from Zimbabwe to Egypt, we will find ourselves at Dežela okusov. From there, we will jump over the Mediterranean to Španska vas and Pinseria Rustika to make our way home to Gostilna pri Mari and Gostilna Mihovec.

The meat lovers will meet at Dnevni bar pr'Mrtinet, Gostilna Čad and Gostilna in pivnica Stari Pisker, turn the corner to Super hrust and finish with a bang at Food Point and Birdie Foodielab. Taverna Tatjana, Altrokè, and TINK superfood café will provide some tasty sea-food options, and for completing our rainbow of tastes, we will stop for a burger at The AMAZE.

Will we have a good time? No doubt about it.

Come and invite your friends. We will be there from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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