Odprta kuhna’s bucket list

The autumn is coming with the gentle rustle of leaves, chestnuts roasting in the city centre and the weight of the warm blanket you pulled from the back of the closet.

In this year's special autumn times, when we are suspiciously eyeing anyone who dares to use a tissue, we will carefully choose the people we spend time with. We will share the warm embraces, that smell of wool and home, and meals that bring us comfort and joy. And we will, weather permitting, spend a few Fridays at Pogačarjev square. If not interrupted by a virus, snow, apocalypse or white walkers, that is. Who knows what the final months of 2020 will bring.

But we are staying positive (not corona, of course, that would be bad) and planning which vendors to visit before the end of the season. We put them in pairs this time, but you can combine and switch as you wish.

Stop by Lisjak or Gostilna Mihovec to warm your bellies with mushrooms enriched meals. If you want to spice things up, be sure to visit Roza slon and Kitajski vrt for some fire-sparking noodles. If you feel inspired by Asian cuisine you will surely enjoy the steamed buns by Manna and shrimps at Shambala. Visit Namaste and Twister if this is how you roll, but don't forget to check in at Tink or Romantika for a lovely bowl. Of course, there's more: delicious pie at Gostilna Grabar or Veganika, mussels in paella at Španska vas or in a pan at Altrokè. Mouth-watering pork at Super hrust and Stari pisker, at Pri Mari and Čad's. Lush beef at Argentino and Pr'Mrtinet. And more. And drinks as well. We advise you to visit us paired with your favourite person in the whole world so you will be able to try it all. We will be there, happy to see you.

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